Steve Davey
Author & Principal Photographer

Steve Davey is a writer and photographer who has turned his job into a way of life. He graduated from a photographic degree in 1988 and has travelled compulsively ever since, photographingamazing places, cultures and festivals. His words and pictures have appeared in a number of publications around the world and he has collaborated on several books and collections of short travel stories. He markets his work through La Belle Aurore, an agency he co-founded in 1992.

Marc Schlossman
Associate Photographer

Marc Schlossman was born in Chicago and has been based in London since 1988. From a beginning in editorial work and photojournalism, Marc’s work has evolved into a variety of projects, personal and commissioned, that show a willingness to use documentary, landscape and photojournalism techniques to tell a story with photographs. He is a founding member of Inside Eye, a non-profit group of photographers creating educational photography projects in prisons and in the homeless community.